January 15, 2016
January 3, 2021

Dear Ms Rea and Ms Zhou,

We are very grateful for all the wonderful work and effort you and your entire school staff had taken to work towards the development of Janelle.

She had indeed grown to be better by the day, from the character to certain habits such as being a Super picky eater. Both aunty Alice and Teachers took pain to encourage and reminding her the importance to finish her food and be prompt about it. It helps when the school does it and it is easier then to follow up at home.

Not forgetting the ever sweet aunty who will take care of the daily cleanliness and always surprise the kids with gifts to encourage them. Such loving environment.

The Teachers whom Janelle had encountered since she came in I think PG/N1, had done amazing work in helping her to love learning, always excited with songs, new words etc. Thank you Xiao Zhou Lao shi, one of the many Teachers, who always managed to calm her down when she first come and get her settled so quickly. Thank you.

Special thanks to Ms Yatie and Ms Zhou (大周老師) and other teachers who have to put in extra effort and time to come out with learning packages for Janelle during the circuit breaker. All these and more enables her learning to continue and indeed impressed me on how much thinking and love Shooting Star has for developing the children.

Not forgetting Ms Ros and many other Teachers had to patiently wait for me to come on the dot at 7pm to fetch Janelle. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We are always grateful to Shooting Star in making such great impact in Janelle’s impressionable years and developing her to be ready for a new phase in Primary school.

Thank you to all in Shooting Star. May you continue to develop and graduate more promising and bright kids.

With lots of thanks,
Janelle’s parents (K2 2020)