Philosophy & Teaching

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is an individual. With respect and protection, every child has potential to develop greatly. Therefore, each child is our responsibility.

We strive to:

Create an ideal environment for the children.

Enhance child-initiated learning; expand life experiences and provide challenges and learning opportunities that are appropriate for each child as they move forward step by step.

Encourage children to be responsible for their own learning.

Encourage individuality and creativity.

Develop literacy skills; accumulate knowledge on scientific concepts and logical mathematical experiences.

Develop fine and gross motor skills through hands-on and sport activities to build confidence in children.

Build a strong sense of community among parents, children and staff; recognise and support parent’s important role in a child’s development.

Recognise and respect our multi-cultural environment.

Encourage interaction, teamwork and to foster friendship among children. Respect all children’s opinions and discoveries.

The Shooting Star Method

At Shooting Star, we have developed our own unique teaching method. The Shooting Star Method emphasises on activities that are based on cognitive psychology teaching model, putting Jean Piaget's theory of childhood learning into teaching practice.

Guided by this teaching method, we ultimately strive to lay the foundation that is essential for our children's success in their future lives.

The Shooting Star Method emphasises on:

Child centric learning process that is structured and self-motivating, with a strong focus on every child's unique character.

Dynamic learning themes in a self-learning and self-discovering environment for our children to acquire knowledge through hands-on experience.

Sparking our children’s inquisitiveness and develop their skill to question by guiding them in observing daily real life events, happenings and behaviours around them.

Giving our children ample opportunities for bilingual interaction with our educators, plus gaining knowledge and understanding through extensive use of both languages.

Providing opportunities for our children to accumulate emotional experience, expand awareness of their moral character, cultivate rich healthy moral sentiments and develop fine character behaviour.